Material Analysis

IPEC can provide A material analysis service which includes Positive Material Analysis, Hardness testing, surface roughness measurement and Ferrite content measurement

Positive Material Identification (PMI)
qualitatively identifies material composition. It is an excellent method for determining material grades, for sorting, and for verifying that materials used conform to client requirements.  

PMI involves a portable alloy analysis tool that our trained personnel use at your site to perform non destructive material identification.

Hardness Testing.
Hardness testing of Metals is conducted to ensure the material meets its specified requirements
IPEC Use a portable equotip hardness tester which can provide hardness results in Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell as the client or specification requires.

Surface Roughness Measurement
Surface roughness measurement is of particular importance in the biopharma industry as surfaces that do not meet the finished requirement may trap moisture or particulates that can result in contamination of the product.
IPEC use the Mitutoyo surftest SJ-210 portable surface roughness tester to examine any surfaces as required by our clients

Ferrite Measurement
Austenitic, Duplex, Super-duplex stainless steels require adequate proportion of ferrite in the product to obtain acceptable corrosion resistance and strength and especially resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking  (SCC)
IPEC utilise the Fischer Feritscope FMP30 to accurately measure the ferrite content of stainless steels as required by our clients.

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