NDT Inspection

NDT is used to demonstrate compliance with codes and client requirements both at the time of construction / fabrication and while industrial plant is in-service. Our technicians are highly experienced at performing NDT as a critical part of in-service inspection programs.

Because NDT does not permanently alter the article being inspected, it is a highly valuable technique that can save both time and money.

At IPEC, our business and practice of NDT has a successful track record of delivering non-intrusive inspection services and other non-destructive testing techniques.

We combine our engineering expertise with advanced inspection techniques which offer increased defect detection and repeatable data analysis. Our advanced inspection services result in increased productivity, reduced shutdown periods and extended intervals between shutdowns.We offer a wide range of methods to evaluate plant condition and support Fitness-for-Service recommendations.

Our experienced technical consultants work with clients to undertake engineering assessments, select NDT
techniques and conduct testing to inform high quality engineering decision making.

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