Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (RT), or industrial radiography, is a nondestructive testing (NDT) method of inspecting materials for hidden flaws by using the ability of short wavelength electromagnetic radiation (high energy photons) to penetrate various materials. Either an X-ray machine or a radioactive source can be used as a source of photons.

IPEC offers a full range of Industrial radiographic equipment and techniques. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution to ensure optimum technique performance, speed and economy for your application. Some of our equipment as follows..

Gamma Radiographic equipment

Techops 880B remote control Iridium 192 and Selenium sources


X Radiographic equipment

Philips directional and panoramic units- 200kv & 300kv
Rigaku directional and panoramic units- 200kv & 300kv
JME crawler unit with Balteau panoramic tubehead- 160kv